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The goal of this site is to bring the aircooled community closer together, especially when someone is SOL on the side of the highway.


You can contact me at aircooledrescue@gmail.com with any questions, concerns, requests, stories, etc. If you're a Aircooled VW specialist, you can contact me to get a custom listing.

This site was made by Chris aka rozap


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Latest interactions

If someone helps you out, you can write a thank you note by going to their profile and clicking the Give Karma button

Helped my friend with an overnight place to work on his Bus when the alternator died on the I-5.

virginia.platt wrote to Beladona_13 on Jul 17, 2021

I loved here and he really helped me get connected.

The_Sage wrote to The_Sage on Feb 10, 2021

Jerry pointed me to a good shop in Bakersfield, very helpful, thanks so much. Got me back on the road.

Bill Sattler wrote to Jerry Bus on Jan 15, 2019

I am driving across from California back to New Jersey in my 1964 bug. Just blew a motor though coming into Indiana. Not sure if you can help much but if you have a motor sitting around I could buy it off you and get this thing put in to complete my trip. THanks and let me know if you can help me out.

Chrissteve22 wrote to 65beetle on Feb 03, 2018

Hi Cheryl... I see that you and I are the only two in the valley on the Air Cooled Rescue roster. ???? In your bio, you mentioned a good VW mechanic. Could you share his/her contact info? I just bought a 76 Riviera, and will probably be needing some help. Thanks.... Kent

KentABQ wrote to cbuck on Dec 21, 2016

ditto on all the others w/ Karma & Kudos for Colin - do yourself and your VW a favor - book Colin for a visit to your door yard on his annual Itinerant Aircooled tour & pilgramage. You will be amazed at how well your ACVW can funtion when tuned properly w/ a true guru by your side!!

midatlanticys wrote to Amskeptic on Aug 01, 2016

dobbs rocks!

Longboardluv wrote to rmdobbs on Jul 21, 2016

I met Jason yesterday and had SUCH a great time! He's just that kind of person that makes you feel at home! Even if it's not on your way, i can tell you that it is worth the detour! THANKS JASON! (:

elojett wrote to Jason on May 03, 2016

rmdobbs is the man!

Longboardluv wrote to rmdobbs on Mar 24, 2016

Very skilled Aircooled mechanic! Wonderful people! They have helped me out a few times.

Jerrybus wrote to NoBudgetVWGarage on Feb 26, 2016

So GREAT to meet you and spend time with you! Hope to see you again!

CikanVuz wrote to isthereanynameleft on Apr 02, 2014

Colin can help you over a short email more than most can help you in person.

Air-Schooled wrote to Amskeptic on Aug 31, 2013

the man knows his stuff....and love his ability to think out side of the box with creative solutions... he is the VW McGuyver!

mhobryan wrote to Amskeptic on Apr 22, 2013

The importance and helpfulness of Amskeptic's services cannot, really, be overstated or recommended highly enough. You owe it to your car to have him pay you a visit.

whc03grady wrote to Amskeptic on Apr 06, 2013